MILS® Intelligent Guiding and Emergency Lighting Systems

What is the MILS® system?

The MILS® system is around LED stripes, signs and light panels and controlled by different MILS® control systems.
Why was the MILS® system designed?

The MILS® system was primarily designed for low location lighting on ships or egress lighting in buildings. Since its beginnings in 1995 the system has been developed further to include emergency lighting systems, especially for tunnels, exit door marking and guiding systems for normal situations.

What makes the MILS® system unique?

The system can be designed in two different way, either static - meaning all of the light are on or off - or dynamic - meaning the system indicates the preferred route by use of light sequences and symbols being on or off.

The MILS® system has been designed with safety in mind, and each component can be fully monitored and in case of damage or fault the event is notified to the controlling system.

All components are designed with the highest quality, fully water and dust proof - IP68. In most LED stripes the long potential lifetimes of LEDs are downgraded by heat, moisture and dust, the MILS® stripe is protected against all of these, and we are confident in passing on the long lifetimes from the LED supplier - typically 60,000 hours of operation, with an estimated full life span of 50 years.

What makes MILS® the Environmentally Responsible system?

Low power usage, no more throwing away and replacing conventional light bulbs.

Who can benefit from using MILS®?

The MILS® System is perfectly suited to all business sectors, such as marine, buildings, land transportation segment, mines, manufacturing plants, warehouses and shopping and sport complexes etc. Feel free to check out a sample of our references here.

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